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The Automative Simulator Platform (ASP) KADRO HIL includes state-of-art parts from National Instruments and is delivered as a COTS solution, designed to be extended and customized to meet your changing requirements. Hardware-in-the-loop is a powerful test method you can use to test embedded control systems more efficiently. When testing embedded control systems, safety, availability, or cost considerations can make it impractical to perform all of the necessary testing using the complete system. ALIARO have therefor developed a flexible HIL-system where you can change the behavior of a setup without the need to change the hardware.


ASP KADRO HIL enables the possibility to configure pins to the connector in a flexible way i.e. each pin can be configured into multiply functionalities such as AI/AO/DI/DO/PWM IN/PWM OUT, using software-based matrix. By default, the platform offers fault injection on all channels. This makes KADRO HIL into an awesome test system with a flexibility that can handle product changes without the need to change hardware.

KADRO-MPB-12 module for SLSC

Our flexible module for SLSC, KADRO-MPB-12, enables the flexible and unique possibility to allow your test platform to be future-proof. Read more about KADRO-MPB-12.


The ASP KADRO HIL supports ASAM XIL and can therefore be used together with applications from other suppliers than National Instruments such as CANoe, VirtualBench or for a mixed environment. Read more about ASAM and Veristand.


  • You can create different configurations by using KADRO HIL Configurator in VeriStand depending on which product you will test.
  • Just drag n drop the selected function to the requested pin on the DUT Connector.
  • When you are done save the configuration for re-usability.

You don’t need to know your future pin setup in advance but can by just knowing the number of pins, through a software-based matrix change the setup to meet your needs.


  • Model Parameter Manager
  • Visual Result Viewer
  • Data Log File Viewer
  • System Health Monitor
  • Record/Playback simulations
  • Customize dashboard
  • Alarm Configuration


Mikael Bedemo, CEO

Mobile: +46(0)733 424 261