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Flexible innovation

ALIARO delivers modular and future-proof test solutions to all kinds of industries around the world. We design test solutions with short lead times, ready to be integrated into your existing test environment. We offer both off-the-shelf and customized solutions based on your own requirements.
We have partnered with NI for their excellent hardware and software platforms. We are also a member of ASAM to be actively involved in the future standards of test and measurement. 
From our offices around the globe, we offer onsite support to enable a long-term relationship with our customers. Our customers used to spend days re-configuring or re-designing test systems after each project or program. We’ve saved them both TIME and COSTS by smartly re-using hardware and software between projects or across product life-cycles. Join them and start your partnership with ALIARO today!


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Grow with your system

Our test solutions enable your test organization to grow with your test system. Using our software-based configuration tool, you can reconfigure your existing test system from Aliaro to be used in your next project or test case. You can also move software between different projects or stations. From Functional Test Benches to full-scaled HIL, re-use the existing configuration to save on both development costs and time.
Using the software platform NI VeriStand and the Aliaro Configurator you can create all kind of configurations customized for your requirements. We enable CI in a level you haven´t seen before with your test systems and minimize the large investment of having multiple racks.

"The major advantages which made us pick NI and ALIARO were third party integration of smaller suppliers, time to delivery, price advantage, agile development, and VeriStand. We found VeriStand to be very intuitive and easy to work with. The car-project for which the HIL is intended evolved as we created the specs for the HIL, which meant that we could not deliver a full spec order. NI and ALIARO were flexible and preferred communicative delivery. "

Test Coordinator, Automotive OEM