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xMove Battery Cell Simulator

The xMove Battery Cell Simulator (BCS) empowers users to verify the Battery Management System (BMS) functionality. It simulates both the battery cells and sensors to ensure that your communication, safety functions, cell balancing, and fault monitoring algorithms work as expected.

When testing the embedded software on the BMS, safety, availability, or cost considerations can make it impractical to perform the necessary validation tests using a complete test system.

The xMove BCS allows test teams to verify Battery Management System functionality in a lab environment without using the real battery. The battery cell simulator can be used in both production and validation testing which will enable a unified testing workflow.

NOTE! The xMove BCS can be used by 3rd party test measurement systems through Ethernet or SPI communication buses.

Customer Needs vs ALIARO Solution

Test the functionality of Battery Management Systems with a focus on battery communication and capabilities. 

Simulate all characteristics of a battery cell or battery pack using simulation hardware and/or mathematical models using Simulink. 

Fault insertion in cells for opens, shorts or polarity reversal.

Run simulation and/or test software from different controllers depending on focus of testing, performance requirements. and/or the complexity of the BMS. 

Battery Cell Simulation modules simulate/replace the real battery with Open, short, and ground hardware fault insertion functionality by default.

Technical Demonstration - 6 cells battery cell simulation